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Food in Nagrota Bagwan

The people of Nagrota Bagwan enjoy Himachali food that consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Influenced by the Tibetan and Punjabi style of food, the cuisine of Nagrota Bagwan includes plenty of spices. The typical meal served in the region is simple and nutritious. However, the traditional food generally prepared during festivals is a treat for the taste buds.

Food in Nagrota Bagwan

Local Cuisine of Nagrota Bagwan

The day-to-day food in Nagrota Bagwan in Himachal Pradesh is simple and similar to the general North Indian cuisine. It mainly consists of chapati, dal, vegetable curry and curd. Some of the common vegetarian dishes are Sepu Vadi , Bhagjery, Kaddu ka Khatta, Pateer, Boor ki Kari, Chouck, and Guchhi Mattar. Meat has a prominent place in the meals. It is prepared with different kinds of spices like red chillies, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. 

Chicken Anaardana and Grilled Fishes are some of the exquisite dishes on the Non Vegetarian front. Maahni is another important dish prominent in everyday meal. It is prepared with urad dal and dry mangoes. Khatta is a favorite side dish of the people. It is basically a sour and sweet sauce prepared with tamarind and jaggery or gur. All meals are generally accompanied with various pickles.  As fruits are widely cultivated in the region, they are a prominent part in the diets. People also consume a wide variety of dairy products. Tea is a favorite beverage of the people of Nagrota Bagwan. In snacks, people like to relish Chana Madra and Bhatoora.

Delicacies of  Nagrota Bagwan

Some of the delicacies available in Nagrota Bagwan are:

  • Patande - This popular dish is prepared with wheat, and it tastes like pancake.
  • Poode - It is a mouth-watering dish prepared with wheat batter and jaggery syrup, which is then fried in oil or ghee.
  • Sidu - This is stuffed bread prepared with wheat flour, dal and spices. It is kneaded with yeast and the dough is allowed to rise for 4–5 hours. With a stuffing of fat, it is first browned over a slow fire and then steamed. Sidu is normally eaten with ghee(clarified butter)
  • Lushke - It is similar to pancake and is made from rice flour and wheat.
  • Askalu - It is a preparation of wheat and rice flour.  Special stone utensil called askali is used while cooking.
  • Pachole - This is a seasonal sweet dish that is prepared with mashed sweet corns and spices, which is later steamed and consumed with ghee.

The Food festival of Dham is widely known throughout Nagrota Bagwan. The festive food is prepared by brahmin chefs or botis. Copper utensils are used for cooking the traditional food. All arrangements are made a night before dham. The prominent dishes are rice, dal, curd based dish, vegetable curry, raita and sweets. Food is served on leaf plates or Epattalsi. Other festive dishes of Nagrota Bagwan are Ankalos, Aktori and Patande. 

Restaurants in Nagrota Bagwan

Several restaurants in Nagrota Bagwan serve multicuisine food. Besides traditional food, North Indian food, South Indian food, Chinese and continental food is available here. Tibetan dishes like Momos and Soups are also relished in the food joints.

Multicuisine Restaurants in Nagrota Bagwan

Kumar Fast Food
Address:Ward 5
Bus Stand Road
Nagrota Bagwan- 176047
Phone No: 9418067766

Atithi Restaurant
Address: 167/2 Jadrangal
Nagrota Bagwan-176047
Phone No: 9418105034

Hotel Holy Synod Restaurant
Address: 196/1 Chamunda Road
YOL Bazaar
Nagrota Bagwan
Phone No: 9816789950

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